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Processing Orders
Last Updated: 09/05/2013
You will need to go to the orders > process orders page. Once at this page you will need to select the filters button. Select processing from the dropdown menu. Once you have filtered the orders to show only the processing order you will then need to "Batch" all of the orders, making sure that no orders already have a batch number. Once all orders are batched you will need to select the Choose Action button to "print invoices". Once you have printed the invoices you will now need to export all of the orders to the software. Click on Settings > Export Results. Once the page loads you will then need to select "STANDARD EXPORT". From the dropdown menus you will select export from Orders. You will also need to select the Check All button. You will then need to scroll down and click on the dropdown menu for File Format. Select CSV File. You will then click Export. Once the page loads you will see the download button on the right hand side of the page. Click on it. Once it pulls up you will need to click "SAVE AS" into the WEB FEED folder on the desktop. You will name the file EXACTLY the same as the current file in the WEB FEED folder.

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