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How To Break In Your Leather Holster
Breaking in your leather holster
  If you are looking for a way to break in your new leather holster we have the perfect solution! In our guide we will give you the best way to break in a leather holster without damaging the product. This helpful tip is to be only done on holsters that feel too tight.

What you will need:
1. Wax Paper
2. Unloaded Firearm
3. Holster

We strongly recommend that you unload your firearm before beginning this procedure. You will need to wrap the wax paper around your gun with the wax side facing away from the firearm. Simply insert the gun with wax paper around it into the holster. Make sure you fully seat the pistol into the holster to ensure proper fit. Leave your gun in the holster for 24-48 hours so that the holster can stretch about 2mm-3mm. Once time has elapsed please remove the gun from the holster and check the fit. You should have a perfect and proper fit.

If your holster is still too tight after this process you will need to return it for an exchange.

We strongly urge you to not use any type of liquid to stretch your holster. This could easily over stretch the product making it unusable and voiding your Lifetime Warranty.